I’m a big fan of analogies; and it seems Frank Turner’s music is capable of relating to so many different things.

This weekend, as I was doing some ‘internet researching’ while listening to my beloved Frank, I realized that yet again, Frank was speaking to me.

In a true to his character manner, Frank has an amazing song called “The Ballard of  Me and My Friends”; which in short, is the message of “put up or shut up.”

Which in the career realm; is oh-so-true.

I can write I can do things. I can say I can do things. But, forget the past, let me showwhat I can do for you NOW.

This is probably why I think resumes are such bull. I can go online, copy and paste a resume and simply add my name. And yet, potential employers, are trusting based on what I have or have not written; that I am, or am not, a fit?

Just a thought.

In the mean time, I will continue to actively DO and BE, rather than passively DONE and BEEN!

(After all, that’s how I get “all the best stories to tell”!)

blair pettrey



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