Thanks (for not sucking)!

tyCompanies and employers need to remember that the hiring process is a critical part of their marketing and public relations. Not only are you drawing in countless resumes, thus having people promote and learn more about your company; you are then bringing in the best of those resume’s for interviews; which showcases YOU (the face of the company), your company’s mission, and your office.

I admit, I do not know the exact numbers of applications/resumes that companies are receiving. I do not know the amount of interviews that are taking place per position. I can only assume it goes A TON and then still A LOT. However, if you interview me, and I respond with a follow up/thank you/whatever; it’s the courteous thing to do (even if it means rejection), responding with a follow up. In the end, it will save you time from having me contact you, yet again. And it will save me time from wondering. And more so, it will not be seen as rude; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

You would never merely ignore a potential client or customer, so why an interviewee? I will think just as negatively of you as a potential customer/client; I will tell my friends and family, and I will be just as ‘jaded’ on YELP (guaranteeing you’ll receive one of those “We’re HATED on YELP stickers”). Maybe not that extreme; but just do us all a favor; end the questioning, be polite, and send a simple “We chose another candidate, best wishes”. 2 seconds, is it truly that hard?

Just a thought….

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