Hone & Own (In Your Market).

letsownTalk is great; especially if it leads to action. However, I encounter situations so often, that where great discussions occur but rarely develop or lead to a specific defined call to action. This is especially true when it comes to companies I interview with.

My name is Blair Pettrey; and in every capacity of only being able to define my own self, I assure you, that I do not just talk, I own & hone success. I do not accept defeat; I will work, and do all that is required to accomplish and surpass any and all expectations of success.

In the past this has meant working exuberant hours to meet a deadline or get something done immediately; but success is not meant to be achieved comfortably. If you’re not willing to go out of your way to make sure something happens; than you have no right being in the way of others who are willing to take the steps and action. 100% I mean that.

As a professional photographer self employed for many, many years – I saw the reality of marketing trumping talent. There were photographers who weren’t even close to my capability, and who charged 150+% more; but because they had outrageous marketing abilities (the majority of which was INBOUND marketing); they were constantly booked and hired. Sure, this was frustrating to me at the time; but it taught me SO much about marketing and SUCCESSFUL tactics and measures within marketing; so much that it lead me to my true passion; marketing.

If a company I am interviewing with has great ideas, and thinks I have great ideas, great. But be prepared for to follow through on those ideas, and to accomplish (& dominant) success. There is no excuse for anything less!




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