The power of WE vs. ME!

WebuiltSuccessI am blessed that the career opportunities that I have had in the past, have usually lead to the development of some amazing people that continue to be accolades in my life.

That being said, one thing that I have been hearing lately from all different characters from all different walks of life, is that I need to place more emphasis on my ‘Done rather than Do’ and on my “We vs. Me”.

While I had hoped that I was portraying my personal branding method in such a way that induced that I only wanted to help the right company grow and build monumental amounts of success by adding me to the ‘we’ team; taking a step back, I realize now, that perhaps my “Blair Pettrey” method isn’t as successful. Though I assure you that I have only ever wanted to be part of a ‘we’, and never a ‘me’; I apologize if I did not reflect that. A true testament of the power of messaging.

Thus, I submit to all those who know me, as well as those who view this blog, who have seen my message; I am not asking for you to collaborate with me. I am asking for you, to see the value of ‘me’, and include adding it to your team “we”.

One of the greatest treasures I have learned in my experiences throughout both my personal life and professional career journey; is that success is far more beautiful and inspiring when it’s a we, not just a me.

Consider furthering your success, by letting ME be part of your team WE!

Blair Pettrey



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