Building Yourself Back After a Kick in the Teeth!

Walt Disney

has been known for saying some pretty amazing things; especially in relation to overcoming adversity, and following our dreams.  He, in  many ways, has inspired me through my own journey.


Though, truly said, I am inspired by people from all walks, with all experiences, that are able to overcome a trial no matter how small or large.  The reality is, the smallest of struggles for some, can seem the biggest of struggles to others, and vice versa. I am grateful that my own struggles are struggles that though have never been easy, are capable for me to overcome.

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer anyone who may ever come across this blog, is to stay positive. Though the darkness may seem forever, the trials continuously looming; don’t give up!

Surround yourself with those who inspire you; your family, friends, your support system. Join a local organization that uplifts you – whether a church, your local toastmasters club, or a kickball league.

By staying surrounded by uplifting and strong individuals, you will continue to be strong – no matter your circumstances. Trust, no matter how hard, that life will work out, things will change, and life will improve.

I know I am blessed to live in this amazing reality I call life, and by finding value & lessons in situations that perhaps aren’t always easily received – I find great opportunity.

XoXo, Blair Pettrey
Blair Pettrey+


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