Believe in #YOU!

Blair Pettrey SuccessRecently I had my first interview that I would truly describe as ‘kick ass’. It made me realize that the reason it was so kick ass, was because I knew precisely where my true passions lie; and while I have a wealth of knowledge and experience – articulating that is difficult for me; unless it is something I am die hard passionate about. Start Up’s and small businesses are one of those things.

That said; after the interview, when speaking with a prior employer; I was reminded of something that is so true, as one of my favourite fellow success loving bloggers stated: “We can’t expect anybody else to be as excited in our dream, as we are. We can’t expect anybody to believe in our dream, as much as we do. It’s not their dream, IT’S OURS!

The amazing opportunity that defining and discovering who you are at 28 vs 18; is that I have truly learned who I am, what I value, and where I want to go. I know what I am passionate about; what I crave – and more so, I know what it will take to get there; which are things I did not know 10 years ago.

The reality is; that ultimate desire for true success – trumps anything that I may or may not have ever known in the past. I know my strengths and weaknesses – and I know exactly what must be done to hone in on both to make them work in my favor (or those whom I may work for!).

Believe in yourself, after all you are the only brand #YOU!



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