Digital Marketing Agency Websites… Wha? (Lancaster, PA)

3 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Agency Websites… Wha? (Lancaster, PA)”

  1. Wow, Blair! Thanks for ranking us under the “Hire Me Now” umbrella. We love your point of view of on search engine rankings and found ourselves not being able to pull our eyes from reading your post! We’ve recently hired a new SEO specialist and expect this whole ‘not ranking’ (which we think Google Hummingbird has a hand in) thing to change!

  2. Hello Blair, you mentioned truly vital points that matter a lot while ranking or promoting your website in the search engine. Being the leading digital marketing agency, we also would like to share our views regarding this matter. As Blair suggested that responsive website design, content and social media are three core aspects of website promotion, we agreed with that point. However, there are some other factors that also impact on the website ranking in the search engine.

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