Digital Marketing Agency Websites… Wha? (Lancaster, PA)

Recently I wrote about the queries that resulted when I Googled “Digital Marketing Agency”.  I had several people ask me… ‘Why didn’t you include our website in your post!?’, to which I responded – they need to fire their SEO people; as their website was not a result, and I had only included ranking pages (with the one exception of RankPop).

However, it also made me wonder what results would come up when I searched for “Digital Marketing Agency + Location”; and thus a series has begun.

I remind you, as I did originally; there are 3 core ‘ingredients’ I was looking for when it came to the results.

  1. Responsive Website Template

  2. Social Media– Links to share, and links to company pages

  3. Content– The ability to manage & create engaging content

In addition to those (and even expanding on them) – things such as accessibility of site, feasibility to navigate the pages (How hard is it for me to find a ‘Contact Us/About Us’; Is there a link to a blog?, etc); am I leaving the page with a mild case of vertigo (like I did with Netmax in my first search), etc.

On to my opinions….Lancaster, Pa is full of digital marketing agencies. You walk down the street – and you have already walked past 4 offices calling them self as such. Walk a bit further – or dare enter your car; and you have certainly passed by more agencies than you probably have ever known existed.

Thus, when I began to “Google” for the agencies websites (first searching for “Digital Marketing Agency + Lancaster, PA”) I was shocked that so few showed up. I followed up by searching for “Digital Agency + Lancaster Pa”, “Advertising Agency, Lancaster Pa”, “Digital Marketing, Lancaster, PA” – and finally resorted to some agency websites that I knew from prior connections… But perhaps if only, these companies really need to spend a bit more time on self promotion – because some of them, are pretty incredible!

I’m not sure there were any ‘awful’ websites; the few that I would suggest aren’t ‘hip’ – I can merely say – Meh. Though they did market social media; and none provided links to their own social media platforms…




There were a few that perhaps… I felt I was in at a rave (aka not quite Vertigo; but pretty dang close):


Some that I wanted to then fall asleep with:


Some that had nearly zero content, so I am confused to why they ranked:


Some… still stuck in html 1 history:



Some that did a ‘fine and dandy job’ (but not a ‘Blair’ OMG):



And then we got to the “BLAIR SWOONS” and the “HIRE ME NOW BASED 110% On your WEBSITE” (Starting with the “BLAIR SWOONS”):


(Hello, studiozig, let me introduce myself… I am Blair Pettrey!)

Screenshot_14Hi Williams – Forrest – I in fact like to both Work Hard & Play Hard!

Screenshot_15Maybe it is just because they show a photo of a gal holding a book that introduced me to my love of Digital Marketing; and transformed my direction in life (Seth Godin’s “The Purple Cow”) or maybe it’s because I know they share an office with RankPop… or maybe it’s because a week later I am still thinking of where to find Alex Yost.

…and before we get to the HIRE ME NOW’s, I disclose:

These 3 companies ranked; and I intentionally left them out for undisclosed reasons:




This company didn’t rank; but had they, they would have gone in the “HIRE ME NOW(based on your website) section”:



(I mean… who doesn’t like Measurable Good Times!?)

And finally the “Hire Me Now(Based on your website):”Screenshot_26

(Hey Tower… I happen to be Smart. Creative. too!)


(I am told I’m an alphadog…)

But oh my goodness; Inovat… why aren’t we in a love affair yet!?

Screenshot_20(Because I would sure love to be might together with you).

The moral of the story; other than that most of these companies need my SEO skills to help them rank better in google search... Lancaster, PA is full of amazing Digital Marketing Agencies; and should you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, social media marketing, web design or a mirage of other awesome digital marketing solutions – I bet there is an agency  in Lancaster who can help!


3 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Agency Websites… Wha? (Lancaster, PA)

  1. Wow, Blair! Thanks for ranking us under the “Hire Me Now” umbrella. We love your point of view of on search engine rankings and found ourselves not being able to pull our eyes from reading your post! We’ve recently hired a new SEO specialist and expect this whole ‘not ranking’ (which we think Google Hummingbird has a hand in) thing to change!

  2. Hello Blair, you mentioned truly vital points that matter a lot while ranking or promoting your website in the search engine. Being the leading digital marketing agency, we also would like to share our views regarding this matter. As Blair suggested that responsive website design, content and social media are three core aspects of website promotion, we agreed with that point. However, there are some other factors that also impact on the website ranking in the search engine.

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