The Art of Rejection

Or Why ‘No’ Doesn’t Have To Mean Rejection.

I’ve heard a lot of no’s in my course of career searching. A hell of a lot of more no’s than the average person want’s to hear. But each No just gave me more! More Courage. More Strength. More Dedication. More Commitment.

With each no, I was always (well okay… not always, but typically) able to take away something valuable – whether it was inspiration for research/to learn a new skill, a better understanding of myself or others, a refreshed meaning, etc.

But what happens when suddenly the tables are turned, and I have to be the one to say ‘No’? Then it became quite difficult. I found my self doing something I have never been one to do – ‘flaking’. Unintentionally leading on. I realized quickly, that there was a deeper value of the word ‘No’; and it was something that I didn’t (nor couldn’t) teach the company’s I was saying ‘No’ to – but something they had to learn to accept.

Perhaps by my ‘No’, they too could find that deeper ‘meaning’.

After all, my ‘No’ could be the gateway to a ‘Yes’ that transforms and empowers the level of success that their company would have never reached had I said ‘Yes’. Perhaps they can hone in better on the skills and talents they want their ideal candidate to bring. Who knows… but I did know one thing….

I had to say No.

“I regard every defeat as an opportunity.” Jean Monnet


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