(Good) Content is (still) King!

Recently, Matt Cutts took to the blogosphere and wrote that ‘Guest Blogging is Dead’.

The online marketing guru world went crazy.

You would have thought the POTUS just announced that we’re going to war with Canada. Such an absurd thought; one that no one saw coming.

But was Matt right? Or was Matt incredibly and foolishly, wrong.

The answer is two fold.

RIP Guest Blogging Blair Pettrey

1. Backlinking/Search Engine Optimization

As far as SEO goes, Matt may have been on to something. Yes, with Google’s most recent algorithm update, backlinking (and thus guest blogging) is effectively dead. The way in which pages rank is much more content focused, and less about the links (especially links that Google has deemed as spammy).

2. Brand Awareness

However, I argue that one of the best ways to build brand awareness and exposure, is still guest blogging. Being able to write effective copy and have it shared on a blog in the appropriate industry, having your ‘ideal prospects’ see you on a site of similar structure and messaging, has converted and generated leads, time after time. And this is not going away.


Going back to number one however, while Google may not consider backlinking in it’s SEO/SERP algorithm like it once did ; it does still give high value to effective content and sites that drive organic traffic. Thus by allowing effective and good copy to be shared by other bloggers on your own blog; you can effectively generate traffic from the blogger’s fan base as well as have juicy, SEO friendly, content at your disposal.


Write. Write. Write.
Share. Share. Share.

Cause Believe it or not ;

(Good) Content is (still) King.


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