Happy St. Patrick’s Day – and all hard working days!

Blair Pettrey St Pattys Day
Happy St Patricks Day from Blair Pettrey

Anyone who says true success doesn’t come from hard work, is full of bologna. 

So this lovely St. Patrick’s day – I encourage you to:

1. Do something to build your list!

Network! Connect! Call a card you’ve received. Grab coffee with a potential JV. Cold call 10 businesses in town, walk into 5 more. Write content. DO something. ANYTHING!

2. Not forget that change and success must begin within you as well as your business!

If you think you can neglect your health and gain wealth, you’ll full of it as well. And heck, even if you could – no amount of wealth could save Steve Job’s life; so just remember that when you’re ditching the gym because you don’t want to wake up at 04:30 am. Afterall, you could have been building your list while working out at the gym at 0430!

3.  May the wind be always at your back and the sun always at your face.

But if not; get up and dance anyways. Success doesn’t have to happen in Sunshine.


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