Let me tell you a story…

Blair Pettrey + Lord Nelson

Once there was a gal…

we’ll name her Blair…

(just for irony sake of course!)

Blair was extremely passionate about two things:

1. Success


2. Helping Others!

She had talents out the wahoon – and she knew how to not just get things done; but get them done in such a way that success was paramount.

Further, Blair was damn good at helping others surpass their goals. After all – that was what she was passionate about.

And yet that Blair gal? She stumbled on her own two feet – time after time. Not because she was afraid to take the first step forward – but because she would then get stuck on one foot, and try to balance on one foot until she tipped over. She was too fearful to ever make the next step.

If you couldn’t tell – that Blair person was me. And how true that was for far too long. I was holding myself back – not because I feared failure, but because I feared TRUE success for my SELF!

Silly – I know. But I bet I’m not alone. People avoid asking for promotions. People avoid going into business for themselves. People avoid continuously learning new things. People do many things – all to be their own damn roadblock on the path to success.

Don’t dwell on what you do and don’t know perfectly – just FREAKING DO IT!
I swear – you’ll be happy you did.

Otherwise? Get out of the way, so the person whose willing to work 90 hours a week – be rejected a million times for 1 yes – and is truly passionate about success – can show you up.

Blair Pettrey

definition of paramount (adj): par·a·mount //
greatest: greatest in importance or significance
 (Be Freaking Paramount in All You Do!)

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