Using LinkedIN for SEO – (aka) 5 Minute LinkedIN Optimization!

Blair Pettrey SEO, according to Google, has extremely high page authority.

So much so – that if you Google yourself ( or anyone whom may have an active LinkedIn profile) – the following will appear:

Linkedin + Blair Pettrey

In addition to your author bio – it will also include the author photo from (without any page authorship needed!).

With that said – why not spend the next 5 minutes adjusting your profile to be SEO friendly!

  1. Include your name in your profile headline.(As you can see in the above screen shot – I have included ‘Blair Pettrey’ in my profile headline = “Blair Pettrey – Your Inbound Marketing Guru”)
  2. Link to your Highest Ranking URLs. Whether it be your Facebook, a personal blog (i.e., your page, your twitter, or your BrandYourself profile – whatever shows up highest for you (that is positive) make sure to include those top 3 links on your Linkedin profile! Linkedin allows 3 –  utilize them!
  3. Target your keywords. Whether your an ‘SEO’ or ‘digital marketing’ or ‘South Carolina Inbound Marketing’ or ‘Maryland Digital Marketing’ guru, tech, IT, pro, what- have-you – make sure to build the content in your profile around these keywords!

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