5 Minutes to SEO domination with Twitter!

Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter does amazing things and holds amazing value for search engine optimization. Thus, whether you’re an individual, or you’re a business  – aside froSEO Blair Pettreym the importance of engagement and staying in tune with your clients/customers/etc – twitter is extremely important from an SEO stand point.Twitter Google Blair Pettrey

Twitter is so important – that every now and then – it will rank above my very own www.BlairPettrey.com . Yet, even when it doesn’t rank above my own domain – it still ranks within the top 5 links – always.

And how that’s possible is truly simple and quick:

  1. OWN YOUR NAME!Whether your a business or a person – register your twitter with your name. If your business is “Blair Pettrey Cafe” – make your twitter handle ‘blairpettreycafe’. (And for what it’s worth – if you’re username is taken, and your business is trademarked – and for some reason your username choice is already in use on twitter – you can contact twitter with proof of your trademark – and they will grant you ownership to the said username!)

  2. Blair Pettrey TwitterLINK YOURSELF! In your twitter profile – include a link to your company/personal website – i.e., my own profile includes both a link to www.BlairPettrey.com (twice, even) – as well as a high authority site I utilize on BrandYourself.com
  3. TWEET ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY! If you look at my twitter feed – it consists of topics/article’s/retweets/and hashtags that are related to SEODigital MarketingContent MarketingSocial MediaInbound MarketingInbound – Etc.

So there’s your SEO 3 tips! Go rock and dominate in the next 5 minutes – with such easy solutions – there’s no excuse!


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