Tribute Thursday

#TributeThursday + Blair PettreyI’ve decided to dedicate Thursday’s to tributes – to software, to people, to opportunities… anything that deserves a ‘tribute’.

BlairPettrey + Streak.comThis Thursday I am featuring the Google/Gmail add on – “Streak”.

In case you haven’t heard of Streak – they are a CRM (Custom Relationship Management) service/add on for Gmail that is currently in beta – thus completely free. (Meaning, GET IT NOW!).

You can view their website here.

While they offer far more than just “view check” – my favorite attribute is the fact that I can look in my sent box, and know who has or who has not looked at emails I’ve written.

This helps me from preventing re-connecting or reaching out when someone may have already seen an email – vs. someone who may have never seen it. It truly is a great thing to utilize.

However! They also provide pipeline support, CRM support, and more. The fact that they are in BETA right now and FREE is unbelievably awesome! So check them out now while you can!

Happy Thursday!


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