Damn…. it works! (The Digital Handshake)

Digital Handshake + Blair PettreyThey (the hauncho’s – the agency owners – the ‘targeted demographic’  – the CEO’s & Executives – all those who I was hoping to learn something from…..) always told me that it works – but I never wanted to believe them. I wanted to believe the entire world would be drawn to me and I would never have to make an effort to attract, engage, or connect.

While the best of brands make that happen – THEY even continue to build, connect & engage. 

So the fact that I, as little ol’ Blair Pettrey – would refuse to do such – and expected to see such results? Is almost as ridiculous and idiotic as the small business that refuses to invest in an inbound marketer.

Because remember – as I defined and explained in this post; Inbound Marketing drawls and attracts through engagement, connection, and reasoning. 

And in the past few weeks, not only have I entirely focused on the traffic that I bring to my blog through the efforts of active engagement, content, updates etc – I have also gone out on a whim and reached out to those I desired to connect with. Some it was a beyond crazy hope of trying to connect – but ya know what? It’s turned out on more than one (and truly, more than 80% of the times I have tried) – not only have I received acknowledgement and response back – regardless of their desire or abilities to help connect me in my field – they’ve proved resources for me to connect with others. The who’s and the how’s. Offering to connect on my behalf, offering to give me the opportunity network through a list of the connections & they be an introduction, suggestions to better engage and ‘sell’ my own self to others.

Thus, truly – while BlairPettrey.com is my attempt to display myself, my skills and abilities – it also has become a valuable resource from others (I’m told on a daily basis) of connecting with those who are also looking for that ideal career -whether as an entrepreneur or as an individual hoping to be recruited and join their dream company/business/etc.

So from one individual who has helped countless clients and businesses grow and sell themselves or their products – through inbound marketing, paid – per -click advertising on facebook/AdWords/BingAds, SEO measures, link generation, and more – let me remind you the #1 thing that works:


And you can’t be scared to go out on a limb and make that connection. After all – what’s the worst thing that could happen?


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