Guest Blogging – it’s STILL not dead, you idiot!

Blair Pettrey Guest BloggingIf you’re still living under a rock – and you missed the ‘infamous’ Matt Cutts stance that guest blogging was dead (which I wrote about here) – then… pat yourself on the back of ignorant bliss.

Because this time your ignorance has served you well.

I stated when I wrote my original post on the topic back in February – that Content was still king. Why, though, you insist on asking?

  1. Content Builds Credibility – people (aka TRAFFIC) want to read things that matter… Whether it’s learning something, validating something, building something, or with the opportunity to gain something – if what you write is quality and of value – then you’re going to generate solid SEO traffic (of course assuming you do a little bit of competitor analysis and keyword research, as I explain here).
  2. Content Nurture’s – If you’ve written quality content, that provides a service or value and thus built your crediability – you are going to give reason for people to actually submit that email request you’re begging for. You’re going to build your funnels – and more importantly you’re going to remind your traffic (funnels) about your ingeniousness when it comes to whatever it is you do best!
  3. Like is Like (Especially with Content!The odds of someone who reads your blog (or the blog your guest posting on – assuming you’re guest blogging on the right blogs  – one’s that are in a similar industry or that generate traffic from your ideal demographic) reading someone else’s blog that you link to – because you’ve built crediability and are now sharing that crediability with your link – are pretty dang high. Think about it… if you’re on MOZ’s Blog and they link to me (or I guest post on their blog) you’re pretty dang likely to swing to my site if you like/trust what they (or I) are saying.

That said – I am excited to announce that (that’s me!) will be introducing guest blogging from other awesome experts, pro’s and rockstars (and even the ‘anti rockstars’) from the digital & inbound marketing field!

If you’re interested in guest blogging – and building traffic down that awesome & strong 2 way street – and consider yourself knowledgeable in one of the following fields, send me an email at!

  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Paid Advertising/PPC/Adwords/Facebook Advertising/SEM
  • Traffic/Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • Digital Footprinting
  • etc!

Til then – Keep Kicking Ass!


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