Digital Marketing Websites…. Wha? (South Carolina edition)

I remember meeting with the infamous Matthew Roda of Roda Marketing – when he had asked me (after reading my Lancaster, PA edition of Digital Marketing Websites…. wha?) if he thought I was searching for the same terminology that others ‘not in the field’ would be searching for.

In the moment – I thought of course?! What small – mid – ( or even large) sized business that needs digital marketing efforts doesn’t look up things like “Digital Marketing” or (internet/online/some variation of such). However, the reality is, Matthew might have been onto something… Or AT LEAST, I’m hoping… Because as it turns out? South Carolina might not be a haven for digital marketing.

But alas, as always – here’s what I was looking for:

  1. Responsive Website Template

  2. Social Media– Links to share, and links to company pages

  3. Content– The ability to manage & create engaging content

And how did ‘South Carolina” measure up? (Or some of the major metropolitan areas within since the term South Carolina wasn’t so … helpful….)?

My first search was for “South Carolina Digital Marketing”, to which the following showed up:

Blair Pettrey

Of those websites: I would have graded “none” as amazing.

In fact, none had a website worth mentioning that didn’t reflect 1990’s efforts, with the exception of Fuel Marketing.

Which I offer props to Fuel Marketing – because not only did they show up for search results for their website ; their actual facebook page showed up as a top result. That’s how impactful and smart their social media is – verses even other agency’s websites.

With that limited of a selection of websites to choose from (to ‘judge’)- how could I not give the winning card to Fuel?

However, as a “professiona”l – I wasn’t “WOW’D” with their website… not like once upon a time, RankPOP had “WOW’D” me… (However, RankPOP changed their website, which is generic and not so amazing – so I would in no way argue for them the same way I once would… #JustSaying)

But perhaps, Mr. Matthew Roda was right all along – maybe I’m too familiar with the environment – and am looking for the wrong things on a marketing agency’s website.

However, I submit that when you I can’t even find results – no matter what I google – for a STATE… well; I don’t think I need to argue that perhaps there’s a lot of work that could EASILY be done for a company to rank – real quickly – and real easily.

So truly – and most honestly – if you’re a digital marketing agency in South Carolina – you’ve got a HUGE opportunity to ROCK GOOGLE /SEO – and truly easily, so.

In need of Digital Marketing solutions in South Carolina? Whether in Myrtle Beach, Conway, Greenville, Aiken, Columbia, etc? Feel free to contact me at – find me on LinkedIN – on Facebook – or on twitter.

If I can’t help youI promise to pass you on to a slew of companies who can!

Starting with:

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