Love Marketing? Don’t Use Pardot

I love #marketingautomation but for anyone considering using @Pardot run! @salesforce is great – but #Pardot is the hands down worst product that I’ve ever encountered. So much that I had to convince my CEO @vedeht to go and pay for @hubspot on top of our Pardot contract.

Again, I can’t say enough positive things about Salesforce and the experiences we have had with Salesforce in my fulltime position. However, I can’t say, unfortunately, with any positive statements, the situation that Pardot has pushed into – or the failure of their solutions.

What’s worse – is 5 years ago when I was using Pardot, it was an amazing tool and solution. Was it easy – no. But did it actually accomplish the needs I had.

That has ended – which is why I feel compelled to share with the world this experience – to save them the time, the money, and the headache.

Please run. There are so many other viable options – thrivehibe,,,, any of the above.

(I again state, Salesforce is great as a CRM – that is not my issue. My issue with the failure of Pardot to offer solutions that they claimed they did during our sales process with them).

// Blair Pettrey

This was written entirely based on my own opinion and experiences, I can not validate or speak for anyone I work for or have worked for in the past.


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