The Power of One – by Blair Pettrey

Blair Pettrey - the Power of One

Blair Pettrey - the Power of One

If you don’t already, you need to subscribe, follow, read and watch Gary Vaynerchuk on anything and everything.
(In no way am I being paid, reimbursed, bribed, or anything else to tell you that! I’m merely trying to tell you FOLLOW THIS AMAZING MAN if you want AMAZING inbound marketing tips, digital marketing tips, personal branding tips, etc.!)

I know for me, personally, I hit a link – a blog – a website – and if it’s informative enough, or seems ‘hip’ enough – I’ll usually follow through on their immediate ‘call to action’ (as every inbound site of course has, right?) and give them my email address, and subscribe to their newsletter. By the 2nd round of emails (if I even make it past the first email they send) – I’m 99% likely to hit that unsubscribe button. While they drew me in enough to get me to give them my email – they have failed to hold my interest. Whether it’s because their emails are boring, they failed to correctly personalize (i.e. my experience with, or whatever reason – VERY FEW newsletters that I sign up for, do I ever read the first – even fewer make it past the 2nd email.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the VERY few that passed that test.

In fact – even my ‘marketing idol’ (inbound marketing hero? Digital marketing expert? Whatever you want to call the amazing Seth Godin); I don’t subscribe to his emails.

I digress.

The amazing Gary Vee recently sent an email out… sharing an old video he once did, titled ‘One is Greater than Zero‘.  If you haven’t watched it; watch it now!

But this is something I have been ‘doing, believing, and preaching’ for years. Because while I measure everything (after all, I’m an inbound marketer!), I purposefully do not focus on the amount of views or leads or comments or shares or retweets or bounces or anything on my own personal domain. Because, I know that whatever I am doing? It’s working. It may not be going viral – but it is helping those who may not know much about digital or inbound (i.e. my most successful posts have been the ones where I wrote merely tips to help businesses grow; i.e. 6 Steps to Organically Growing Your Social Media Following or (Competitor) Ignorance Ain’t Bliss Honey… or What is “Inbound Marketing” aka – “Sell Me This Pen” or Stalking Not Necessary… How to Stay on Top of Your Competition!) I didn’t write those to attract, or count, or convert or build an empire – I wrote those merely to share and help others. Others who may never become clients. Others who may never spend $1 with me. But I wrote it for them – and not for my own purpose, not for my own numbers, not for my own gains. And yet, those (and other similar blog posts) are the reasons I’ve landed new clients. Are the reason I’ve attracted employers and opportunities that I thought were “way out of my league”.

And yet – I write other posts – where only 1 person reads it; and they even bounce. Or I get 10 visitors, and only 1 comment. Or I get no comments.

But I still write.

Because ‘The Power of ONE’ is influence enough. Maybe that ‘one’ will become my next huge client. Maybe that ‘one’ will refer someone to my blog, or to me. OR maybe, just maybe that ‘one’ was about to give up on their business – on their own success and growth – and instead learned something unique and valuable enough to help keep them going.

Don’t write or create content merely for the numbers. I promise you – if what you share is valuable – you will get more than 1. But even if you write the most AMAZING blog post, even if you create the most AMAZING video, graphic, ebook, etc – and it only gets 1 view/click/download – you never who that ‘one’ is.


Reality of SEO…

blair pettrey

blair pettreyThe reality? The best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Googlesearch.

80% of people don’t look past the top 3 results on Google, 90% don’t look past page 1.

Where does your business’ page land?

Blair Pettrey

Be the Bacon of the Digital World!

“What is Inbound Marketing”

Imagine your business as an individual → and your attraction (or desire) being ‘Bacon’. You don’t need information to be told about bacon. YOU CRAVE bacon. You don’t need to be TOLD about bacon –> the attraction is already there. You want it. You NEED it. You MUST HAVE IT.

Inbound Marketing is the BACON of business attraction!

But only if you’re attracting…, are you attracting ?

Honestly, if you ‘google’ bacon – the WORLD shows up.
I don’t even EAT bacon and I still know the world loves bacon.

bacon2   bacon5

It’s true, even Blair Pettrey loves bacon.

But that only proves the importance of inbound.

I don’t have to google bacon. I’ve already got it covered. I know that I WANT BACON. I KNOW that I MUST HAVE BACON! Dear bacon – WHERE ARE YOU!?

That’s the entire point of inbound marketing.

Attraction rather than promotion. YOU must aim to be so AWESOME at what YOU DO – whether it’s promotion of yourself, your brand, or your business – that you OWN THE MARKET.


Stop trying to promote yourself to the world, and start ATTRACTING the world!


Blair Pettrey

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Feature Friday – The Knowledge Edition!

Happy [Feature] Friday!


As it has come to be – I’ll share some of the most valuable tools that help me stay informed, better perform my job, and rock my brand!

Blair Pettrey twitter 1. Twitter – I admit, I was never a huge fan of Twitter. I thought ‘Why not utilize facebook pages?’ – but the reality is that 140 characters means your tweet better be dang awesome. Utilizing hashtags – you can easily find awesome links to content & resources based on your desired topic.

Some of my fav’s : #SEO    #InboundMarketing    #DigitalMarketing

As I also mentioned here, Twitter has been a great resource for connecting & actually networking with some awesome industry pro’s like Dan Tyre of Hubspot, Bill Faeth of Inbound Marketing AgentsToby Sempower of DigitalBrands, etc!

Even cooler still – Did you know twitter has it’s own analytics platform for you to view? Analytics.Twitter.Com  allows you to measure the success of your tweets, build networking cards of your (or others)tweets, track your followers and more!

– Similar to twitter, has some amazing resources to industry specific content and info! You can submit articles just the same as you would to Digg or StumbleUpon – however you can also sort the content based on ‘Most Viewed’ , ‘Trending’, etc.



– Another great contentSwway curating destination – They allow you to choose your targeted topics and will then suggest strong articles based on those topics that you can then share with your various social media platforms. Similar to,, etc – it allows you to schedule content (And also analyzes and informs you of the best time for your content to be shared based on your past successful shares!)

Stronger than it’s competitors, I love Swayy because it also suggests the best hashtags and individuals to tag in your posts!

 4. Google Search – This is great for two things… the age old tip of typing in the first couple words of a querie to discover what is being searched for most (and thus giving you great ideas for content to generate traffic to your blog/site/social media/etc); i.e. – whydigitalmarketing

Google’s also great for utilizing what/who your competitors are, and where they are ranking. While I’ve shared other tools in the past that can help determine this (i.e. or – it doesn’t hurt to do a (cookie cleared) search every so oft of:

  1. Your brand (i.e., ‘Blair Pettrey’)
  2. Your targeted search querie (i.e. for myself, it would probably be “South Carolina Digital Marketer” or “Digital Marketer for Hire” something typical of what one would search for if they were hoping to find an SEO or Digital Marketer or Inbound Marketer in South Carolina (an easier SERP than just ‘Digital Marketing’)

What are some of your favorite tools to utilize when trying to learn and stay up to date on industry standards? Leave a comment with your own!

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Feature Friday – Friday the 13th Edition!

Blair Pettrey

Happy Friday the 13th! To me – Friday the 13th is just another day to combat the competition and conquer success via hard work, dedication, and determination.

Here are some of the resources that I utilize every day to make that ambitious dream come true!

Blair Pettrey Screaming Frog1.) Screaming Frog: Screaming frog is an awesome (and free for many services) SEO tool that captures your back links, your inbound links, your competitors links and keywords – it sums up what to be aware of and what to task first in your action list!

2.) Moz Tools
Moz haBlair Pettrey Mozs extremely awesome tools – both free & paid.
Their paid option is reasonable (especially considering they have a free 30 day trial!). But their free tools include Link Analysis, Changes to Google, a Follower analytics, and more!

FFGoogleTrends Blair Pettrey3.) Google Trends – Whether you are tracking “inbound marketing” or your “city,state” or anything/everything in between – Google Trends allows you to know how oft (in case you’re not utilizing Google Analytics, silly you) to see oft your demographic is searching for whatever it is you do. Remember though, keywords/searches with trends have to have a high enough traffic enough traffic search otherwise the results will not show Google Analytics – I’ve shared this so many times in the past – and how true it is – knowing where you traffic is coming from and knowing what they are searching for to find you are extremely important. I truly & honestly can state that no paid service (at this point) can’t offer the same analytics or updates that Google’s services does. Whether it be Google Tags, Google Analytics, or Google Advertising…. #JustSaying 😉

There are many – AMAZING – tools to utilize out on the inter-webs. Tools that will help you rock your ORGANIC SEO. Tools that will help you rock your paid advertising. Tools that will help you rock your Social Media. Tools and Agencies – that will help you rock your SUCCESS – whether it be building your brand, rocking your website’s content (SEO), rocking your paid search/advertising/lead generation – or other venues – there are resources out there and there are people out there to help you succeed!

After all,’s #1 goal is to help OTHERS succeed!

So this Feature Friday – I cheer to your SUCCESS!