The Power of One – by Blair Pettrey

Blair Pettrey - the Power of One

Blair Pettrey - the Power of One

If you don’t already, you need to subscribe, follow, read and watch Gary Vaynerchuk on anything and everything.
(In no way am I being paid, reimbursed, bribed, or anything else to tell you that! I’m merely trying to tell you FOLLOW THIS AMAZING MAN if you want AMAZING inbound marketing tips, digital marketing tips, personal branding tips, etc.!)

I know for me, personally, I hit a link – a blog – a website – and if it’s informative enough, or seems ‘hip’ enough – I’ll usually follow through on their immediate ‘call to action’ (as every inbound site of course has, right?) and give them my email address, and subscribe to their newsletter. By the 2nd round of emails (if I even make it past the first email they send) – I’m 99% likely to hit that unsubscribe button. While they drew me in enough to get me to give them my email – they have failed to hold my interest. Whether it’s because their emails are boring, they failed to correctly personalize (i.e. my experience with, or whatever reason – VERY FEW newsletters that I sign up for, do I ever read the first – even fewer make it past the 2nd email.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the VERY few that passed that test.

In fact – even my ‘marketing idol’ (inbound marketing hero? Digital marketing expert? Whatever you want to call the amazing Seth Godin); I don’t subscribe to his emails.

I digress.

The amazing Gary Vee recently sent an email out… sharing an old video he once did, titled ‘One is Greater than Zero‘.  If you haven’t watched it; watch it now!

But this is something I have been ‘doing, believing, and preaching’ for years. Because while I measure everything (after all, I’m an inbound marketer!), I purposefully do not focus on the amount of views or leads or comments or shares or retweets or bounces or anything on my own personal domain. Because, I know that whatever I am doing? It’s working. It may not be going viral – but it is helping those who may not know much about digital or inbound (i.e. my most successful posts have been the ones where I wrote merely tips to help businesses grow; i.e. 6 Steps to Organically Growing Your Social Media Following or (Competitor) Ignorance Ain’t Bliss Honey… or What is “Inbound Marketing” aka – “Sell Me This Pen” or Stalking Not Necessary… How to Stay on Top of Your Competition!) I didn’t write those to attract, or count, or convert or build an empire – I wrote those merely to share and help others. Others who may never become clients. Others who may never spend $1 with me. But I wrote it for them – and not for my own purpose, not for my own numbers, not for my own gains. And yet, those (and other similar blog posts) are the reasons I’ve landed new clients. Are the reason I’ve attracted employers and opportunities that I thought were “way out of my league”.

And yet – I write other posts – where only 1 person reads it; and they even bounce. Or I get 10 visitors, and only 1 comment. Or I get no comments.

But I still write.

Because ‘The Power of ONE’ is influence enough. Maybe that ‘one’ will become my next huge client. Maybe that ‘one’ will refer someone to my blog, or to me. OR maybe, just maybe that ‘one’ was about to give up on their business – on their own success and growth – and instead learned something unique and valuable enough to help keep them going.

Don’t write or create content merely for the numbers. I promise you – if what you share is valuable – you will get more than 1. But even if you write the most AMAZING blog post, even if you create the most AMAZING video, graphic, ebook, etc – and it only gets 1 view/click/download – you never who that ‘one’ is.


Reality of SEO…

blair pettrey

blair pettreyThe reality? The best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Googlesearch.

80% of people don’t look past the top 3 results on Google, 90% don’t look past page 1.

Where does your business’ page land?

Blair Pettrey

An Open Letter to All Gurus, Mavens, Rock Stars, and Ninjas of Social Media

Hey everyone,


First of all, I need you all to know that these thoughts are coming from a place of love, camaraderie, and friendship, and not of mean-spiritedness on my part.

Having said that…how mad or disappointed would you be in a friend/family member if they never told you that your breath was bad? Or on a smaller scale, how annoyed do you get when those same people who claim to love and care about you don’t tell you when your fly is open, or that there’s a piece of food on your face?


Friends, followers, and connections…I’m one of those people that cares about you. And I’m here to let you know that some of you have spinach caught between your teeth.


To all the gurus, mavens, ninjas, and rock stars, you’ve got to STOP referring to yourselves in those ways. You’re devaluing your industry and the actual work that you (and the rest of us) are doing.


Credibility is not borne out of job descriptions like these. In fact, look at each one and do a quick word association…let’s see what comes to mind:


Certain death, stealth (which is kind of of the opposite of what we do, isn’t it?)


Rock Star
Vincent Orleck Rock Star Blair Pettrey




Professionals from other industries don’t do this. You don’t see people brand themselves as “Financial Ninja, Warren Buffett” or “Presidential Guru, Barack Obama”…so why do WE belittle ourselves like that?


As a result, these silly, inaccurate terms have also become the default go-to’s for people who don’t do what we do. Many times when people ask me about my profession and I tell them I’m in the social media marketing field, they automatically respond with some reference to me being a “guru” or “expert”.


My belief is that there are a select few TRUE experts in our industry. I could rattle off a list of names (I’m looking at you Jay Baer, Mike Stelzner, Marcus Sheridan, and Tyler Anderson), but really those of us who keep up with the business know exactly who they are.

I really appreciate the amount of work that my fellow social media marketers put into the craft. My goal is to make sure that we all are given the respect and credibility that is deserved as true social media marketing…




Vincent Orleck is the Social Media Manager for Plexus Worldwide Inc. in Scottsdale, AZ.
Linkedin: Vincent Orleck
Twitter: @Vin_Orleck
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