Damn…. it works! (The Digital Handshake)

Digital Handshake + Blair PettreyThey (the hauncho’s – the agency owners – the ‘targeted demographic’  – the CEO’s & Executives – all those who I was hoping to learn something from…..) always told me that it works – but I never wanted to believe them. I wanted to believe the entire world would be drawn to me and I would never have to make an effort to attract, engage, or connect.

While the best of brands make that happen – THEY even continue to build, connect & engage. 

So the fact that I, as little ol’ Blair Pettrey – would refuse to do such – and expected to see such results? Is almost as ridiculous and idiotic as the small business that refuses to invest in an inbound marketer.

Because remember – as I defined and explained in this post; Inbound Marketing drawls and attracts through engagement, connection, and reasoning. 

And in the past few weeks, not only have I entirely focused on the traffic that I bring to my blog through the efforts of active engagement, content, updates etc – I have also gone out on a whim and reached out to those I desired to connect with. Some it was a beyond crazy hope of trying to connect – but ya know what? It’s turned out on more than one (and truly, more than 80% of the times I have tried) – not only have I received acknowledgement and response back – regardless of their desire or abilities to help connect me in my field – they’ve proved resources for me to connect with others. The who’s and the how’s. Offering to connect on my behalf, offering to give me the opportunity network through a list of the connections & they be an introduction, suggestions to better engage and ‘sell’ my own self to others.

Thus, truly – while BlairPettrey.com is my attempt to display myself, my skills and abilities – it also has become a valuable resource from others (I’m told on a daily basis) of connecting with those who are also looking for that ideal career -whether as an entrepreneur or as an individual hoping to be recruited and join their dream company/business/etc.

So from one individual who has helped countless clients and businesses grow and sell themselves or their products – through inbound marketing, paid – per -click advertising on facebook/AdWords/BingAds, SEO measures, link generation, and more – let me remind you the #1 thing that works:


And you can’t be scared to go out on a limb and make that connection. After all – what’s the worst thing that could happen?


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(Competitor) Ignorance Ain’t Bliss Honey…

Let’s talk competitor analysis – ’cause whether you’re going to be rocking your brand on social media & content – or you’re looking to start diving into paid traffic & advertising – it’s important to understand the WHO and WHAT:

WHO your competitors are


WHAT they are doing!

Since we live in such an awesome time – the possibilities of competitor analysis and how to approach it are endless; and while there are softwares, SAaS’s, and agencies that can help you rock this [afterall these are the “anti-rockstars” (or rockstars – whichever word you prefer!) and spend their lives rocking success in this category].

However, if you’re wanting to at get a foot in the door and see what’s smelly – there’s plenty of free & frugal resources as well. Ready…. Set…. Let’s Go.

(DISCLOSURE: For the example of this information – I utlized the website: http://dalzelldesignlandscaping.com/ which I in no way endorse nor am endorsed by!)

1.) YOU GOTTA KNOW ‘EM TO SHOW ‘EM (UP, THAT IS): I am constantly telling companies to go sign up for SpyFu.com It’s $79 a month – but even the bit of information that it gives you for free, is priceless!

Thanks to SpyFu, I instantly learned that
Dalzell Design & Landscaping was not currentlyutulizing paid (PPC) ad’s, as well that they weren’t ranking very high… for anything…:

http://dalzelldesignlandscaping.com/ Blair Pettrey

I also discovered what the keywords they were being searched for were: http://dalzelldesignlandscaping.com/ Blair Pettrey

I’ve also discovered (at least as far as Google/SEO ranking competitors go) – that these are their top competitors: Augusta Georgia Landscaping Dalzell Blair Pettrey

(Similar to SpyFu – and sometimes better depending on the business/industry- KeywordSpy.com is great too; here’s some of the info they shared): Dalzell Landscaping + Blair Pettrey

2.) DEFINE YOURSELF: Now that you’ve done a brief ‘self analysis’ in comparison to your competitors – find out what your targeted demographic is searching for.

This is where your own websites Google Analytics tool (or Google Webmasters, or whatever software you use to track & measure your conversions and traffic). Since I don’t have rights to DalzellDesignLandscaping.com – I will share my own website’s info:

Webmaster Tools from Google is great for those who are too overwhelmed by Google Analytics. Within moments, I can tell how my audience is finding me: Blair Pettrey + BlairPettrey

I can discover who is linking to me and generating traffic for me: Blair Pettrey and RoundPeg.biz

(Hey RoundPeg.biz – thanks for the traffic!)

From there – I can do a multitude of things (all of which should be done, but order may differ):

  • Visit Trends.Google.com – The keywords that I am being found for – how common are they? Are they being searched for, for anything other than me? (Nope!) I then know to check out things like “Digital Marketing” or “Inbound Marketing” (or in Dalzell’s case – “Augusta Georgia Landscaping” or even “Landscaping” in general).

  • Go back to SpyFu or KeywordResearch and measure my desired keywords – if it’s “Augusta Georgia Landscaping” – finding out who is ranking for those keywords specifically – and seeing what they are advertising/doing organically to build traffic for those keywords.

  • BUILD and pay! BUILD and pay! BUILD AND PAY! I can’t stress this enough – especially for a local/small business such as Dalzell – there is NO excuse for not having paid advertising – their competitors are all running campaigns on Google Adwords & Facebook! There competitors are ALSO all building rich content within their website via traffic linking and index’s/folders – and that is crushing any chance Dalzell has.

This is a high level overview of a task that is completely essential however not one easily grasped quickly. While building familiarity and understanding of concepts allows you wisdom; I would leave success to the pro’s in the industry!

Go research yourself! “ViewSource” your own page and see what your page is showing for your Meta tag’s. Check yourself out on KeywordResearch or SpyFu (or SEOMoz or Hubspot or many of the resources out there!). “ViewSource” your comeptitors pages – what are they tagging on their pages? Check out their PPC (paid per click) campaigns – what demographic & keywords are they targeting? How much are they spending? What is their conversion rate? Etc.

Just remember – ignorance is never bliss when it comes to your business’ growth & success!

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Protecting Brand You!


blair pettrey protecting brand you

Recently, my boyfriend and I were lying in bed. I was working on some content for a client of mine – while he caught up on some ‘NewGirl’ on netflix. I looked over to him – and as bland as could be – informed them that I had just purchased his name’s .com and .net – so he better be nice to me for future reference.

I’m not sure he realized what had just happened… After all – outside the geek world of digital marketing – most people don’t realize the importance of “owning our brand” (of which our name is certainly part of). Websites such as http://namechk.com/ and http://knowem.com which check the availability of your name across various social media platforms – exist for exactly this reason.

Now if you have a name that’s common – “John Smith” or “Jane Doe” – protecting your brand makes it a bit more difficult as those .com’s are surely taken. However, if you are known for something i.e, “Graphic Design” – “John Smith Graphic Design” can become easier – especially with a few easy SEO tips ( writing content, keyword research, linking, etc.).

The reality is however – owning our own domain (and keeping it updated and/or active whether you use it as a personal domain, professional domain, blog etc)

With such a small, minute amount of time and engagement with others – you can in turn protect your name/and your brand – so that should any mishaps in the future prevail, you are not banging your head against the wall wishing you had taken the advice.




Let me tell you a story…

Blair Pettrey + Lord Nelson

Once there was a gal…

we’ll name her Blair…

(just for irony sake of course!)

Blair was extremely passionate about two things:

1. Success


2. Helping Others!

She had talents out the wahoon – and she knew how to not just get things done; but get them done in such a way that success was paramount.

Further, Blair was damn good at helping others surpass their goals. After all – that was what she was passionate about.

And yet that Blair gal? She stumbled on her own two feet – time after time. Not because she was afraid to take the first step forward – but because she would then get stuck on one foot, and try to balance on one foot until she tipped over. She was too fearful to ever make the next step.

If you couldn’t tell – that Blair person was me. And how true that was for far too long. I was holding myself back – not because I feared failure, but because I feared TRUE success for my SELF!

Silly – I know. But I bet I’m not alone. People avoid asking for promotions. People avoid going into business for themselves. People avoid continuously learning new things. People do many things – all to be their own damn roadblock on the path to success.

Don’t dwell on what you do and don’t know perfectly – just FREAKING DO IT!
I swear – you’ll be happy you did.

Otherwise? Get out of the way, so the person whose willing to work 90 hours a week – be rejected a million times for 1 yes – and is truly passionate about success – can show you up.

Blair Pettrey

definition of paramount (adj): par·a·mount //
greatest: greatest in importance or significance
 (Be Freaking Paramount in All You Do!)

The Art of Rejection


Or Why ‘No’ Doesn’t Have To Mean Rejection.

I’ve heard a lot of no’s in my course of career searching. A hell of a lot of more no’s than the average person want’s to hear. But each No just gave me more! More Courage. More Strength. More Dedication. More Commitment.

With each no, I was always (well okay… not always, but typically) able to take away something valuable – whether it was inspiration for research/to learn a new skill, a better understanding of myself or others, a refreshed meaning, etc.

But what happens when suddenly the tables are turned, and I have to be the one to say ‘No’? Then it became quite difficult. I found my self doing something I have never been one to do – ‘flaking’. Unintentionally leading on. I realized quickly, that there was a deeper value of the word ‘No’; and it was something that I didn’t (nor couldn’t) teach the company’s I was saying ‘No’ to – but something they had to learn to accept.

Perhaps by my ‘No’, they too could find that deeper ‘meaning’.

After all, my ‘No’ could be the gateway to a ‘Yes’ that transforms and empowers the level of success that their company would have never reached had I said ‘Yes’. Perhaps they can hone in better on the skills and talents they want their ideal candidate to bring. Who knows… but I did know one thing….

I had to say No.

“I regard every defeat as an opportunity.” Jean Monnet