The Power of One – by Blair Pettrey

Blair Pettrey - the Power of One

Blair Pettrey - the Power of One

If you don’t already, you need to subscribe, follow, read and watch Gary Vaynerchuk on anything and everything.
(In no way am I being paid, reimbursed, bribed, or anything else to tell you that! I’m merely trying to tell you FOLLOW THIS AMAZING MAN if you want AMAZING inbound marketing tips, digital marketing tips, personal branding tips, etc.!)

I know for me, personally, I hit a link – a blog – a website – and if it’s informative enough, or seems ‘hip’ enough – I’ll usually follow through on their immediate ‘call to action’ (as every inbound site of course has, right?) and give them my email address, and subscribe to their newsletter. By the 2nd round of emails (if I even make it past the first email they send) – I’m 99% likely to hit that unsubscribe button. While they drew me in enough to get me to give them my email – they have failed to hold my interest. Whether it’s because their emails are boring, they failed to correctly personalize (i.e. my experience with, or whatever reason – VERY FEW newsletters that I sign up for, do I ever read the first – even fewer make it past the 2nd email.

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the VERY few that passed that test.

In fact – even my ‘marketing idol’ (inbound marketing hero? Digital marketing expert? Whatever you want to call the amazing Seth Godin); I don’t subscribe to his emails.

I digress.

The amazing Gary Vee recently sent an email out… sharing an old video he once did, titled ‘One is Greater than Zero‘.  If you haven’t watched it; watch it now!

But this is something I have been ‘doing, believing, and preaching’ for years. Because while I measure everything (after all, I’m an inbound marketer!), I purposefully do not focus on the amount of views or leads or comments or shares or retweets or bounces or anything on my own personal domain. Because, I know that whatever I am doing? It’s working. It may not be going viral – but it is helping those who may not know much about digital or inbound (i.e. my most successful posts have been the ones where I wrote merely tips to help businesses grow; i.e. 6 Steps to Organically Growing Your Social Media Following or (Competitor) Ignorance Ain’t Bliss Honey… or What is “Inbound Marketing” aka – “Sell Me This Pen” or Stalking Not Necessary… How to Stay on Top of Your Competition!) I didn’t write those to attract, or count, or convert or build an empire – I wrote those merely to share and help others. Others who may never become clients. Others who may never spend $1 with me. But I wrote it for them – and not for my own purpose, not for my own numbers, not for my own gains. And yet, those (and other similar blog posts) are the reasons I’ve landed new clients. Are the reason I’ve attracted employers and opportunities that I thought were “way out of my league”.

And yet – I write other posts – where only 1 person reads it; and they even bounce. Or I get 10 visitors, and only 1 comment. Or I get no comments.

But I still write.

Because ‘The Power of ONE’ is influence enough. Maybe that ‘one’ will become my next huge client. Maybe that ‘one’ will refer someone to my blog, or to me. OR maybe, just maybe that ‘one’ was about to give up on their business – on their own success and growth – and instead learned something unique and valuable enough to help keep them going.

Don’t write or create content merely for the numbers. I promise you – if what you share is valuable – you will get more than 1. But even if you write the most AMAZING blog post, even if you create the most AMAZING video, graphic, ebook, etc – and it only gets 1 view/click/download – you never who that ‘one’ is.


Reality of SEO…

blair pettrey

blair pettreyThe reality? The best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Googlesearch.

80% of people don’t look past the top 3 results on Google, 90% don’t look past page 1.

Where does your business’ page land?

Blair Pettrey


5 Steps to Organically Growing Your Social Media Following

Social Media is a wonderful and powerful tool and an innovative way for businesses to grow, develop and nurture their leads.

It helps search engine optimization, it helps build brand awareness, it allows companies to engage with clients and/or potential clients, and more.

And with the changes, the ongoing changes in social media in recent years, especially those that make effect the success for businesses and companies,  as well as many of the other major social media platforms – the success and growth of your business on these platforms, all depends on your audience reach.

Here are 5 easy and powerful tips to use social media to grow your social media audience and expand your business brand, and begin to expand your lead funnels!

1. Connect With Your Audience

and actively engage! with an audience – both fans and similar businesses (i.e. like businesses in your local area.

Ask engaging questions

“What’s your favorite website”

“What are the first 3 websites you visit each morning”

etc. etc. etc. etc.

Respond when people comment/post on your page, etc.

2. Respond to other business page’s!

Share/Re-tweet valuable/unique/interesting info, not just business specific

3. Utilize Hash-tags!!!

Utilize Hashtags, and do it with a purpose!

“Happy 11 years to XYZ Business today… #TBT”

Happy Birthday to our Employee, Sam McGuire (i.e.)

Share photos! Share your culture. Share it on your across your social media and tag it with the appropriate hashtag (just make sure you aren’t breaking any ‘social rules – aka don’t use hashtags on Facebook, etc.)

  • Not sure what hashtags to use? Great tools like and even apps on your phone can help you pick appropriate and relevant hashtags for your photo and your audiences personas!

4. Repeat. Re-post. Re-purpose.

Make interesting blog posts into infographics for Facebook/twitter/etc.

Turn a blog post into a podcast

Share it across social media.

5. Track/Measure

Track when your followers are most likely to engage with you – make sure you are posting valuable info (or resharing, etc) throughout the day, but especially at the times peak to your core audience’s times.

Share info for potential clients and that reflects their voice – not just current clients (or those in the same industry as you). Ideally, social media will attract other businesses/potential leads to hiring your business or company, and product or solution that you are offering – at some level, to learn more.

In Conclusion

Don’t forget to track and measure your growth! Nearly every social media platform has free insights and analytic ‘s for you to utilize when measuring your reach and fans/followers, and there are free tools and premium that have trials that can be found with a basic Google search.

Happy Growing!

Blair Pettrey  |   |   540.256.9372  |  the quirky marketer

Happiness can be found in the DARKEST of times if one only remembers to turn on the light…

Cassidy Stay Texas Victim Survivor, Blair Pettrey, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light, dumbledor, harry potter quotes, harry potter, j.k.rowlings, rowlings quotes, victims, survivorI purposefully avoid writing about personal things on this blog – focusing merely on suggestions, tips and help to support the amazing world of digital marketing & inbound marketing that I am so happy to be a part of.

However; recently a young lady – Cassidy Stay, the lone survivor of a massacre in Texas – which left her 4 siblings & both parents dead – reminded us that life is so short, and we never know when those we love may leave this world.Cassidy Stay Texas Victim Survivor

And even still – despite the amazing struggle this lady faced as her own pain – and the difficulties that await her in the days, months and years ahead as she grieves for the loss of her entire family… I encourage any that read this blog; to seek love.

Forgive even when it seems impossible and love, even when it seems undeserving.

Damn…. it works! (The Digital Handshake)

Digital Handshake + Blair PettreyThey (the hauncho’s – the agency owners – the ‘targeted demographic’  – the CEO’s & Executives – all those who I was hoping to learn something from…..) always told me that it works – but I never wanted to believe them. I wanted to believe the entire world would be drawn to me and I would never have to make an effort to attract, engage, or connect.

While the best of brands make that happen – THEY even continue to build, connect & engage. 

So the fact that I, as little ol’ Blair Pettrey – would refuse to do such – and expected to see such results? Is almost as ridiculous and idiotic as the small business that refuses to invest in an inbound marketer.

Because remember – as I defined and explained in this post; Inbound Marketing drawls and attracts through engagement, connection, and reasoning. 

And in the past few weeks, not only have I entirely focused on the traffic that I bring to my blog through the efforts of active engagement, content, updates etc – I have also gone out on a whim and reached out to those I desired to connect with. Some it was a beyond crazy hope of trying to connect – but ya know what? It’s turned out on more than one (and truly, more than 80% of the times I have tried) – not only have I received acknowledgement and response back – regardless of their desire or abilities to help connect me in my field – they’ve proved resources for me to connect with others. The who’s and the how’s. Offering to connect on my behalf, offering to give me the opportunity network through a list of the connections & they be an introduction, suggestions to better engage and ‘sell’ my own self to others.

Thus, truly – while is my attempt to display myself, my skills and abilities – it also has become a valuable resource from others (I’m told on a daily basis) of connecting with those who are also looking for that ideal career -whether as an entrepreneur or as an individual hoping to be recruited and join their dream company/business/etc.

So from one individual who has helped countless clients and businesses grow and sell themselves or their products – through inbound marketing, paid – per -click advertising on facebook/AdWords/BingAds, SEO measures, link generation, and more – let me remind you the #1 thing that works:


And you can’t be scared to go out on a limb and make that connection. After all – what’s the worst thing that could happen?


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