Fuzzy Balls

thA question you may not always think of, may be the most interesting and potentially information giving question you can be asked.

Why are tennis balls fuzzy?

Clearly, I do not care why tennis balls are fuzzy, but what can this simple question reveal?

  1. How you handle pressure – Are you capable of coming up with solutions/answers/responses to things you are not expecting? Sure you can tell me the typical answers and phony remarks, but can you keep up with an off the wall question? Are you willing to admit you do no know? Are you capable of searching for at least a suitable ‘I’ll get back to you’ response?
  2. Are you willing to do your research? Will you go home and find out why tennis balls are fuzzy, and then let me know? Will you reject the question entirely, laugh it off, and move on without ever researching or presenting a common ground?
  3. How Prepared Are You? Is fuzzy balls something you should have known? Had you done proper investigating of the person and/or the company, would you know why tennis balls are fuzzy?

Clearly, fuzzy tennis balls can be a gateway question – to a much bigger picture, and resource of available information. Your best bet, is to know why tennis balls are fuzzy:
(Traction and the way they are able to move in the air including direction, curve, distance, and so forth).

Are you fuzzy? ☺


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