Thanksgiving Travesty 101


has recently launched as part of their “Black Friday” deals; a $98 television. Down from $148 from the 32” television deal from their 2012 deal; economists may call this a deal; but marketers know this is a travesty.

Sure, it may bring shoppers into the door on the best shopping day of the year; but what happens when shoppers discover and realize; that this $98 television is exactly what they are paying for. I sure hope Funai’s digital marketing & online reputation management teams are prepared!


Prepared for what?

1.)    In-Store Complaints: Angry customers will find ANYTHING to complain about; regardless of the functionality of the television or it’s quality; On November 29th; @Funai/#Funai better prepared for the overwhelming load of complaints coming from customers merely attempting to purchase the TV.

2.)    Functionality: That brings us to logistics; is the TV actually a “pay for what you get”  item? If being given as a gift, come December, are customers and gift receivers going to be swarming the phones & internet sites of Funai to complain? Remember; shoppers/receivers see the name of the TV and complain to them; not the store that they had their experience or receivership from .

3.)    Loyalty(or the lack of) It’s been proven time and time again; that on Black Friday; there is a very strong ‘exception to the rule’; customers who normally enter a store for a good deal (typically) stay and purchase other items, thus making the ‘extreme’ deal worthwhile to the retailers who advertise them. But survey after survey have shown Black Friday is the exception – meaning customers will go to a store for the advertised ‘deal’ and then leave; trying to hit the next big deal at another retailer!

The reality is, Wal-Mart (and television brand Funai) are setting themselves up for failure with their inability to think strategically. I wonder what their marketing team was thinking, if they were truly involved in this travesty!

This Thanksgiving, remember to be proactive & informative on the number one brand – #YOU!

XoXo, Blair Pettrey +Blair Pettrey

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