Feature Friday – Friday the 13th Edition!

Blair Pettrey

Happy Friday the 13th! To me – Friday the 13th is just another day to combat the competition and conquer success via hard work, dedication, and determination.

Here are some of the resources that I utilize every day to make that ambitious dream come true!

Blair Pettrey Screaming Frog1.) Screaming Frog: Screaming frog is an awesome (and free for many services) SEO tool that captures your back links, your inbound links, your competitors links and keywords – it sums up what to be aware of and what to task first in your action list!

2.) Moz Tools
Moz haBlair Pettrey Mozs extremely awesome tools – both free & paid.
Their paid option is reasonable (especially considering they have a free 30 day trial!). But their free tools include Link Analysis, Changes to Google, a Follower analytics, and more!

FFGoogleTrends Blair Pettrey3.) Google Trends – Whether you are tracking “inbound marketing” or your “city,state” or anything/everything in between – Google Trends allows you to know how oft (in case you’re not utilizing Google Analytics, silly you) to see oft your demographic is searching for whatever it is you do. Remember though, keywords/searches with trends have to have a high enough traffic enough traffic search otherwise the results will not show

trends.google.com4.) Google Analytics – I’ve shared this so many times in the past – and how true it is – knowing where you traffic is coming from and knowing what they are searching for to find you are extremely important. I truly & honestly can state that no paid service (at this point) can’t offer the same analytics or updates that Google’s services does. Whether it be Google Tags, Google Analytics, or Google Advertising…. #JustSaying 😉

There are many – AMAZING – tools to utilize out on the inter-webs. Tools that will help you rock your ORGANIC SEO. Tools that will help you rock your paid advertising. Tools that will help you rock your Social Media. Tools and Agencies – that will help you rock your SUCCESS – whether it be building your brand, rocking your website’s content (SEO), rocking your paid search/advertising/lead generation – or other venues – there are resources out there and there are people out there to help you succeed!

After all, BlairPettrey.com’s #1 goal is to help OTHERS succeed!

So this Feature Friday – I cheer to your SUCCESS!



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