Marketing vs. Sales vs. Smarketing

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(AKA – Attract your clients, customers, and potential leads with marketing – and close them like a boss with sales and combined you’ve got smarketing!)

When I first began digital marketing years ago, perhaps I was one of the ‘rare lucky’ ones, or at least when it comes to most companies & businesses.

I came from the world where my marketing funnel went from Top of Funnel (TOFU), Middle of Funnel(MOFO), to Bottom of Funnel (BOFO). At which point if the potential lead was considered a true lead – and at the ‘BOFU’ they were passed on to the dedicated sales person. Otherwise, as a marketer, it was my job to continue to nurture and work with them through the process to make them become a ‘BOFU’ worthy lead.

In all actuality, my goal with every single lead I ever received, was to try to nurture them in an online way in every capacity possible before having to have a salesperson get them on the phone – so that I was not wasting my sales person time. My ultimate goal was to make it so that potential lead was so nurtured and aware of whatever product or service we or I provided was so worthwhile, at the point they talked to a salesperson, all the salesperson had to do was say ‘This is the pricing, and this is where you sign.’

Let’s be honest: most true marketers (especially online marketers) weren’t meant to be the salesperson. Marketers weren’t meant to be the closers (which is why we have sales staff!). I know for certain that is where I fall short in my own weaknesses, and thus that is why I focus solely on generating leads, qualifying them, and then nurturing them. AND THEN – gladly passing them off to my sales personnel, who knows how to do demos, who knows how to share pricing without ‘eeeking,’ who knows how to say ‘sign on the dotted line.’

Yet for many business owners, companies, and the like – when generating leads in the online world, it’s hard to know when to shift that ‘marketing qualified lead’ (MQL) to a ‘sales qualified lead’ (SQL), and how to give both credits. Even more so, it’s hard for many to grasp the concept that inbound marketing goes beyond just the initial lead generation.

Inbound marketing is absolutely about connecting, collecting, and generating leads. We as inbound marketers are drawing people and leads to whatever company and business through many avenues – paid, social, content, etc. However one of the biggest components that are often misunderstood by business owners is the fact that as inbound marketers, we continue to nurture leads. Whether it’s sending follow-up leads. Or it’s actually placing that phone call (which heck, I don’t like to do, but I often do just so I can know why a client may think not or share how we can be the best option!) It’s about continuing the conversation far past the point of a form fill out at day one.

Inbound Marketing is far past the point of filling out a form.

Sure, I’ve gotten a lead, WOOHOO! I can pass it on to my sales person and count it towards whatever my target goal may be. But are they converting? Are they becoming a sale? Are they becoming a client?

Are they becoming a client?

This is the most important question to ask and to have answered – and why it is so important that sales and marketing teams work together (aka smarketing). Because if perhaps a typically qualified “MQL” that turns into an “SQL” but then does not end up becoming a SALE – should you just drop the potential lead? Of course not!

However! This means that your sales team and marketing team must be hand in hand in communication and efforts. Perhaps the lead didn’t sell this time. Well, your sales team should tell your marketing team to continue their nurturing process so that perhaps next time, they do become a sale. That’s not just a win for marketing or sales, that’s a win for the business.

Marketing can’t help Sales without Sales helping Marketing!

The point of all of this is this: if marketing passes on a potential lead to sales – but is failed to learn about the follow-up connection – whether that person became a lead or not: why that person DIDN’T become a lead or not, etc. There’s a huge missed opportunity for all.

Marketing cannot continue to potentially nurture the nonqualified lead in the future, that could have become a SQL (sales qualified lead).
Marketing is missing opportunities on potential content, conversations, and failed to potential examples of clients as case studies – all of which reinforces the circle of the success of sales and marketing working together.

In Conclusion

The point that I am trying to make – and any marketer and salesperson together should ever make, is that there needs to be a ‘smarter’ approach. A written, defined, understood way to what happens to each lead that comes through the funnel. No marketing funnel stops at the top – no matter what, just like no sales funnel ends at the bottom.

Sales and marketing must be a collaborative force, that works together, to better achieve not just their own goals – but the goals of the businesses they represent.

Happy Smarketing!


Feature Friday – Friday the 13th Edition!

Blair Pettrey

Happy Friday the 13th! To me – Friday the 13th is just another day to combat the competition and conquer success via hard work, dedication, and determination.

Here are some of the resources that I utilize every day to make that ambitious dream come true!

Blair Pettrey Screaming Frog1.) Screaming Frog: Screaming frog is an awesome (and free for many services) SEO tool that captures your back links, your inbound links, your competitors links and keywords – it sums up what to be aware of and what to task first in your action list!

2.) Moz Tools
Moz haBlair Pettrey Mozs extremely awesome tools – both free & paid.
Their paid option is reasonable (especially considering they have a free 30 day trial!). But their free tools include Link Analysis, Changes to Google, a Follower analytics, and more!

FFGoogleTrends Blair Pettrey3.) Google Trends – Whether you are tracking “inbound marketing” or your “city,state” or anything/everything in between – Google Trends allows you to know how oft (in case you’re not utilizing Google Analytics, silly you) to see oft your demographic is searching for whatever it is you do. Remember though, keywords/searches with trends have to have a high enough traffic enough traffic search otherwise the results will not show Google Analytics – I’ve shared this so many times in the past – and how true it is – knowing where you traffic is coming from and knowing what they are searching for to find you are extremely important. I truly & honestly can state that no paid service (at this point) can’t offer the same analytics or updates that Google’s services does. Whether it be Google Tags, Google Analytics, or Google Advertising…. #JustSaying 😉

There are many – AMAZING – tools to utilize out on the inter-webs. Tools that will help you rock your ORGANIC SEO. Tools that will help you rock your paid advertising. Tools that will help you rock your Social Media. Tools and Agencies – that will help you rock your SUCCESS – whether it be building your brand, rocking your website’s content (SEO), rocking your paid search/advertising/lead generation – or other venues – there are resources out there and there are people out there to help you succeed!

After all,’s #1 goal is to help OTHERS succeed!

So this Feature Friday – I cheer to your SUCCESS!