Marketing vs. Sales vs. Smarketing

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(AKA – Attract your clients, customers, and potential leads with marketing – and close them like a boss with sales and combined you’ve got smarketing!)

When I first began digital marketing years ago, perhaps I was one of the ‘rare lucky’ ones, or at least when it comes to most companies & businesses.

I came from the world where my marketing funnel went from Top of Funnel (TOFU), Middle of Funnel(MOFO), to Bottom of Funnel (BOFO). At which point if the potential lead was considered a true lead – and at the ‘BOFU’ they were passed on to the dedicated sales person. Otherwise, as a marketer, it was my job to continue to nurture and work with them through the process to make them become a ‘BOFU’ worthy lead.

In all actuality, my goal with every single lead I ever received, was to try to nurture them in an online way in every capacity possible before having to have a salesperson get them on the phone – so that I was not wasting my sales person time. My ultimate goal was to make it so that potential lead was so nurtured and aware of whatever product or service we or I provided was so worthwhile, at the point they talked to a salesperson, all the salesperson had to do was say ‘This is the pricing, and this is where you sign.’

Let’s be honest: most true marketers (especially online marketers) weren’t meant to be the salesperson. Marketers weren’t meant to be the closers (which is why we have sales staff!). I know for certain that is where I fall short in my own weaknesses, and thus that is why I focus solely on generating leads, qualifying them, and then nurturing them. AND THEN – gladly passing them off to my sales personnel, who knows how to do demos, who knows how to share pricing without ‘eeeking,’ who knows how to say ‘sign on the dotted line.’

Yet for many business owners, companies, and the like – when generating leads in the online world, it’s hard to know when to shift that ‘marketing qualified lead’ (MQL) to a ‘sales qualified lead’ (SQL), and how to give both credits. Even more so, it’s hard for many to grasp the concept that inbound marketing goes beyond just the initial lead generation.

Inbound marketing is absolutely about connecting, collecting, and generating leads. We as inbound marketers are drawing people and leads to whatever company and business through many avenues – paid, social, content, etc. However one of the biggest components that are often misunderstood by business owners is the fact that as inbound marketers, we continue to nurture leads. Whether it’s sending follow-up leads. Or it’s actually placing that phone call (which heck, I don’t like to do, but I often do just so I can know why a client may think not or share how we can be the best option!) It’s about continuing the conversation far past the point of a form fill out at day one.

Inbound Marketing is far past the point of filling out a form.

Sure, I’ve gotten a lead, WOOHOO! I can pass it on to my sales person and count it towards whatever my target goal may be. But are they converting? Are they becoming a sale? Are they becoming a client?

Are they becoming a client?

This is the most important question to ask and to have answered – and why it is so important that sales and marketing teams work together (aka smarketing). Because if perhaps a typically qualified “MQL” that turns into an “SQL” but then does not end up becoming a SALE – should you just drop the potential lead? Of course not!

However! This means that your sales team and marketing team must be hand in hand in communication and efforts. Perhaps the lead didn’t sell this time. Well, your sales team should tell your marketing team to continue their nurturing process so that perhaps next time, they do become a sale. That’s not just a win for marketing or sales, that’s a win for the business.

Marketing can’t help Sales without Sales helping Marketing!

The point of all of this is this: if marketing passes on a potential lead to sales – but is failed to learn about the follow-up connection – whether that person became a lead or not: why that person DIDN’T become a lead or not, etc. There’s a huge missed opportunity for all.

Marketing cannot continue to potentially nurture the nonqualified lead in the future, that could have become a SQL (sales qualified lead).
Marketing is missing opportunities on potential content, conversations, and failed to potential examples of clients as case studies – all of which reinforces the circle of the success of sales and marketing working together.

In Conclusion

The point that I am trying to make – and any marketer and salesperson together should ever make, is that there needs to be a ‘smarter’ approach. A written, defined, understood way to what happens to each lead that comes through the funnel. No marketing funnel stops at the top – no matter what, just like no sales funnel ends at the bottom.

Sales and marketing must be a collaborative force, that works together, to better achieve not just their own goals – but the goals of the businesses they represent.

Happy Smarketing!

Reality of SEO…

blair pettrey

blair pettreyThe reality? The best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Googlesearch.

80% of people don’t look past the top 3 results on Google, 90% don’t look past page 1.

Where does your business’ page land?

Blair Pettrey

Facebook’s New ‘Call to Action’ Button!

Blair Pettrey, BlairPettrey, Inbound Marketing Maryland, Inbound Marketing DC, Inbound Marketing Virginia, Facebook Call to Action, Facebook Call to ACtion Button

Blair Pettrey, BlairPettrey, Inbound Marketing Maryland, Inbound Marketing DC, Inbound Marketing Virginia, Facebook Call to Action, Facebook Call to ACtion ButtonIn case you live under a rock – and I admit, I am delayed in the amazingness – Facebook has recently introduced (in a slow roll out, sadly none of the pages I administer have it implemented yet…) a “call to action” option.

Blair Pettrey, BlairPettrey, Inbound Marketing Maryland, Inbound Marketing DC, Inbound Marketing VirginiaLocated next to where a potential fan would typically ‘like’ your page, you can now add 1 of 7 new ‘Call to Actions’:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

As a huge conversion & lead generation lover – this brings yet another way for Facebook to help you rock your marketing funnels and gain information and potentially help you bypass steps in the funnel you would have had to cross bridges with social media prior.

To add the ‘Call to Action’ you visit your page’s cover photo section, and it will be located next to the “like” option. As I mentioned, I haven’t received access to the exciting tool yet – but Facebook promises it will be rolled out worldwide by the end of the year. (Ha!)

Have your page received the ‘Call to Action’ button yet? How are you utilizing it and what gains have you seen because of it? Leave a comment with your experience

5 Minutes to SEO domination with Twitter!

Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter does amazing things and holds amazing value for search engine optimization. Thus, whether you’re an individual, or you’re a business  – aside froSEO Blair Pettreym the importance of engagement and staying in tune with your clients/customers/etc – twitter is extremely important from an SEO stand point.Twitter Google Blair Pettrey

Twitter is so important – that every now and then – it will rank above my very own . Yet, even when it doesn’t rank above my own domain – it still ranks within the top 5 links – always.

And how that’s possible is truly simple and quick:

  1. OWN YOUR NAME!Whether your a business or a person – register your twitter with your name. If your business is “Blair Pettrey Cafe” – make your twitter handle ‘blairpettreycafe’. (And for what it’s worth – if you’re username is taken, and your business is trademarked – and for some reason your username choice is already in use on twitter – you can contact twitter with proof of your trademark – and they will grant you ownership to the said username!)

  2. Blair Pettrey TwitterLINK YOURSELF! In your twitter profile – include a link to your company/personal website – i.e., my own profile includes both a link to (twice, even) – as well as a high authority site I utilize on
  3. TWEET ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY! If you look at my twitter feed – it consists of topics/article’s/retweets/and hashtags that are related to SEODigital MarketingContent MarketingSocial MediaInbound MarketingInbound – Etc.

So there’s your SEO 3 tips! Go rock and dominate in the next 5 minutes – with such easy solutions – there’s no excuse!

Digital Marketing Agency Websites… wha?!

Let’s talk Websites…

We are at the end of 2013, and yet I am still shocked at many ‘digital marketing agencies’ attempts at logos and websites. I decided I would Google the first couple of pages under the term and compare… After all, if I am comparing as a prospect employee, imagine what potential clients are thinking when viewing the sites!

Now, when I searched, I searched without quotations or additives, digital marketing agency. (And I admit, I use Bing! not Google; typically…). Within moments I had at my disposal 20,100,000 websites. That said, those that appear on the first couple of pages, are obviously doing some clever SEO work to appear, so you would assume they are all high quality.


Responsive Websites: Again people, we are closing in on 2014. People view websites from more than their “PC”. Tablets, phones, laptops… It is essential to have a website built with a responsive page design. You want to be appealing towards your potential client, not having them struggle to even view your website.

Social Media: Every business should have a presence on the web, and more importantly on major social media platforms. Certainly you should be having accessibly links to your pages on your website… ESPECIALLY AS A FREAKING DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. And yet… so many companies failed at this… WHAT THE FLIP??? HOUSTON YOU’VE GOT A BIG PROBLEM!!!

Content: I again remind you these are companies claiming they will help build and manage your online brand, and yet they can’t even do so for themselves? That should make any and all potential client run straight for the damn hills (AKA any other agency!)

There were websites I loved, SO SO SO MUCH SO, I wanted to beg and plead they hire me right then and there just based off their website!(Let me reiterate ‘this SO MUCH’… HI RANKPOP! You love me too right??!!) There were websites that scattered information in such an awful moving style mixed with the circus colors they chose, I honestly almost threw up from the vertigo it created. There were websites that took nine years to load… Websites I swear were from “Angelfire” in 1996. However, the majority of websites fell into one of the following categories…:

  • Good Content, Boring Webpage Design
  • Good Webpage Design, Lamest Logo Ever
  • Poor Display of Good Things

So enough of that, you obviously want to see my opinions right?

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