Digital Marketing Agency Websites… wha?!

3 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Agency Websites… wha?!”

  1. Hi Blair,

    Firstly I’d like to say I’m humbled to hear that our website fell under your “SWOOOOOOOON” list – how awfully kind of you.

    Let me reflect a little on your article – please keep in mind that I’m from Cape Town so I’m writing from that point of view.

    1. Our website lacks a responsive version or even a redirect (ack) to a mobile version of the site. We’re aware of this, the problem is time. Our efforts this year have gone into our wonderful clients, but on top of this our analytical data suggests that a mobile version is not going to bring us a return on the investment. Of course, that’s us, I cannot comment on why other agencies haven’t done this.

    2. Looking at the majority of the awards given at this year’s Bookmark Awards, I feel that the level of output isn’t all that impressive. Sure, there are some stellar productions, but a lot of them seemed rather, well, average. At the very least, I’d expect a great deal more from the big agencies who are winning the awards – in comparison to International standards I feel that South Africa does have a lot of room to grow, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I should add though, there’s a lot of movement in my opinion between digital and traditional marketing. Recently I’ve seen big companies investing into traditional marketing again and I fear this is because of the position of the economy, there aren’t massive budgets for digital campaigns so agencies are more than likely working within a budget that doesn’t allow for the next Facebook if you catch my drift.

    3. Social media is an interesting one – I spent a few months driving my following up on Twitter to 6,000 odd followers (I think) and I tested all sorts of tactics to determine what sort of return I could get – the end result: the effort to build wasn’t worth the return. In a B2B sense it’s even harder and I’m not convinced that digital marketing agencies are getting leads through social – my statistics certainly don’t show a great return. With that being said, I feel that a healthy and frequent presence is very important though.

    Those are some of my comments and thoughts, it would be interesting to see what the others say.

    Take care,

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